Tips for creating your Club pitch

  1. Think of an innovative topic: The proposal should include a topic that might attract a lot of students and/or is a “hot” topic of contemporary relevance. It is not material covered in a standard curriculum.
  2. Clearly highlight the uniqueness and creativity of your Club design: The proposal presents a unique, hands-on implementation of a scientific topic. If the scientific topic is a covered in a standard curriculum, it is taught in an original and fresh angle.
  3. Think of a project-oriented Club: When deciding the topic and activities keep in mind that Clubs should be project-oriented, and at the end of the CdeCMx week students will present this project to their peers and public in a conference like an event.  
  4. Consider student active learning and involvement in the course: The proposal should have a lot of hands-on activities and very few “pre-made” demos. Propose the type of activities that encourage students to be actively involved in the course.
  5. Useful resources:

Think about writing your Club pitch in an “abstract-like” structure, with a 500-character limit. Make sure to provide enough detail in a clear and concise manner.  

Finally, remember this is a proposal, if you are accepted, you and your assign co-instructor might change it.