Program Description.

Clubes de Ciencia México is pleased to announce our pilot program “miniMOOCs: Frontiers in Energy Research”.
Our miniMOOC platform aims to bring together scientists, educators, designers and animators to teach science in Latin America. We greatly acknowledge the support from Fondo de Sustentabilidad Energética (Sustainability Energy Fund), Secretaría de Energía (Secretary of Energy) and the Mexican Council of Science and Technology for their support to launch this initiative.


What is a miniMOOC?

A miniMOOC is an massive online course designed in five sessions and  implemented by two instructors based in Mexico and two based in the USA.
The aim of miniMOOCs is to expand access to high-quality scientific information for high school and undergraduate students in Latin America.

We are looking for current graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and young investigators performing research focused on energy-related topics who have particular interest in collaborating to design and implement their own miniMOOC.

We have compiled relevant topics into 5 categories. For our first miniMOOC series we are looking to develop 5 courses, one in each category.

  1. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (e.g. geology, hydrology, geophysics, geographic information systems, oceanography)
  2. Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology (e.g. novel approaches to the production of biofuels and bioenergetics)
  3. Material Sciences (e.g. energy storage, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, carbon capture, solar energy)
  4. Petrochemical Sciences (e.g. transition from production and conversion of oil, natural gas and methane reserves, sustainable development of petrochemical industry)
  5. Selected Topics (e.g. programming, nanotechnology, molecular biology with emphasis on energy related topics)


A panel of scientists drawn from our Scientific Advisory Council will evaluate each candidate as well as the quality and feasibility of the intended proposal.

Each course should comprise 5 lessons and each lesson will include a video, simple hands-on activities (DIY: list of supplies and step by step instructions), computational activities and accompanying material such as links to papers, other resources, and evaluation activities.

The applicant should clearly state the learning goals and provide a detailed outline of the proposed course.

The official language of our platform is Spanish. The animations will be with audio in Spanish and English subtitles. The content  should be mostly in Spanish but references and links to published material in English can be used. We are looking to build strong collaborative teams between specialists both in Mexico and USA to develop high quality content for students in Latin America.




Benefits Information

If you are selected:


Important date for Applicants


Application Instructions

  1. Proposals must be submitted using our miniMOOC platform.
  2. First, you need to register and login into our platform.
  3. Go to the application menu and fill out our application form.
  4. The application consists of 5 sections:
    • Personal info
    • Academic info
    • MiniMOOC proposal
    • Preferences about collaboration with other Instructors, and language skills
    • Extra

You will be required to answer several questions and to share a link to a video describing your current research in a creative way.
Please do not go beyond the word and time limits!



If yout want to learn more about our program in 2017, check out our report here (in Spanish)